Slice of Life.

Who knew apple pie could make me swear so much. It’s a pie, a pastry shell filled with sweet apples, and in today’s case accompanied by a splash of cream. Now my family loves apple pie so if one person is having a slice, everyone else has to as well, but problems start to arise when you don’t give the “nicest” looking slice to the person who bought it. You see when that starts the snide remarks come along, and the “I bought that, so who said you could have any” happens and the tone it’s said with never seems jokey, even though it actually might be. So with all this and the fact that it is hotter than the sun in this house, the “fucks” just started flying from my lips. Now I don’t swear much at all but in the space of ten minutes I probably swore more than I have in the past month. I’m just trying to warm the slice of pie in the microwave, I’m getting told by my sister, my dad is chiming in, and my mum is sat at the table with her own slice of pie crying because she’s laughing so much. After it was all said and done it was pretty funny and by the third “fuck” they just kind of fell out of my mouth. But hey maybe that’s my swear quota for the month all filled out.

I need to chill out, I need to go slow, but everything is zooming by at full speed and it’s kind of scary. I keep thinking that there hasn’t been much to do lately but then I look at the calendar and I’ve actually done quite a bit more than I keep thinking.

I went to a rodeo, albeit a small rodeo, and watched men get thrown off bulls and almost trampled, and saw the sweetest little 17-month old getting so adorably overwhelmed by a baby cow.


I started back at the summer job, and although my favourite colleague isn’t working there anymore, at least it’s an air conditioned office and I don’t have to work outside.

I went to a baseball game and got way into the game and the people watching it, and I have to say watching the people at the game is almost as good as the game itself. The game was good too though, we won, how could it not be good?

I went and saw Ed Sheeran. Again. And just like the first time, it was beyond amazing. To think that that was almost two weeks ago just seems a bit too crazy. He makes the stadium feel small. He makes being up near the roof like being down on the floor. I was on cloud nine for the entirety of that concert. I’d love to go back, maybe next year.


This little slice of life has been as crazy as swearing over a slice of pie.

At least things are getting done.

Memories are being made.

Life continues.



P.S. Happy Birthday Mum.


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