Phase Three Complete.

226 days. #phasethree. The exchange. This is the first year, the first phase, where I don’t want it to end. Normally I’d be raring to leave and go back to familiar territory, but not this year. I want to stay and explore more. This exchange has opened me up to the world in a way I didn’t even know was actually possible.  This year was exciting; there were days packed full of new things and days full of things so familiar it felt new. There were days where it felt like time stood still and days where time wouldn’t slow down. I took some of those days for granted and I only kind of regret that, but really it made those days where I didn’t, feel so much sweeter. But everything I have done during this exchange has been so worthwhile, and a complete and utter learning experience. I’ve learnt things about myself and other people that I can’t believe.
My third year at the University of Windsor, on exchange at Kingston University, London, has been the epitome of adventure. And as much as I want to stay here in England, Canada is waiting, but I’ll be back. One day.

As this month, this school year, and this exchange draws to a close there is obviously more I wish I had done, and as a result of that I’m trying to fit all of it in these final few days, but that is near impossible. But those things I haven’t done, and won’t be able to do before I leave, give me a reason to keep going, to keep that fire burning in my heart and the wanderlust present in the forefront of my mind.

I can count the days I have left here on two hands, and soon that will become one. And as much as I want it to, time just won’t slow down. And as the days become fewer it just reminds me that I have to leave. Luckily I’ve documented some of those days that have gone by, so I might be leaving the country but it will never leave me. No matter what.

I have done so much, even in the past month. I’ve gone to castles and new towns. I’ve gone to concerts and plays. I’ve climbed hills and traversed beaches. I’ve met with family and friends.


Above all I’ve had fun.


And I’ve still got a week left. And I’ll be using every single day.

So let’s see what I can get up to.



And make the most of what’s left.

But until next time,


Phase Three, complete.





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