An Alright New Year.

Who would have thought that a new year would be so busy, so quickly. Since the last post, I’ve done Christmas in Stafford, a three day adventure in Edinburgh, crossed over to Belfast by ferry, took a train into Dublin, rang in 2017 in that fair city, crossed back over on a ferry to Holyhead, got back to London, had a stress fest with assignments (which is ongoing), and damaged my foot the week before my assessed performance. It’s been quite something that’s for sure. I think I’ve been dropped right back into the “real world” now, back to the ever so stressful reality of life. I love moving forward, I really do, it’s just that I wish I had had a little bit more time in the wonder of adventure where I didn’t have to worry about everything I’m now worrying about.

Around the U.K. (and Ireland) in 14 days went pretty well, nothing was stolen, there weren’t as many blisters, and I think I really did genuinely enjoy myself. We started by going to Stafford, and it really is a blessing to start a holiday adventure with family. It’s even better to spend Christmas with family, and for that I am so very grateful.

This time around I’ve seen parts of Stafford that I have never seen before, or at least don’t remember seeing. I don’t think I’ve actually taken the time to relax as much as I did during those three days, and I know for sure that I haven’t eaten as much as I did then either. I left that house in Stafford for the last time ever since my aunt and uncle are moving, and it’s kind of hard to comprehend that as it is one of my favourite houses and I have only ever know my aunt and uncle in that house, it’s just really weird. From there we went to Edinburgh, spending three hours on the floor of the train and passing through the town my aunt and uncle are moving to.

We had three days there and I really do wish we spent longer. We walked all over that city, climbed up to the castle, climbed many a hill including part way up an extinct volcano, we went to a palace, we saw the “birthplace of Harry Potter”, and we went back to places I haven’t seen since I was little, and that was so nostalgic. Then it was off to Dublin, passing through Glasgow and Belfast.


When we got to Dublin we walked every inch there too. We went to the Natural History Museum (which is nothing like the National History Museum like we thought), saw where Oscar Wilde lived, had major University envy at Trinity College, Guinness storehouse, found a restaurant that we had lost, went into St. Patrick’s cathedral, finally found the castle, perused the National Gallery twice, saw in the new year, and went to places I hadn’t been to in years. After that it was time to come back to Kingston, travelling on the ferry for the second time during this trip, but this time it was to Holyhead, Wales where we got the train into London. It was a long 12 days, but they flew by.

It’s hard to think that all that happened in less than a month. But I’d totally do it all over again.

Yes, some not so pleasant stuff happened too, like damaging something in my foot trying to get out of a onesie during rehearsal, but apart from that it has been pretty good.

And if all of this is an omen for what is yet to come, it might be an alright kind of year.





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