Cheers, 2016.


I have such a weird feeling this December. Like I want to be Christmassy but I’m not really feeling it. It might be the fact that I’m not going to be home, or at least with my parents. I’ll be with family, at my aunt and uncle’s house, but still, there is something off about the entire thing. But if you can’t be with your parents what’s the next best thing? Y’all we are going on an adventure, we are going around the UK in less than 14 days, it’s happening, all the tickets are booked and I’m my possession.

I know for sure I wouldn’t be doing anything quite like this holiday adventure if I was with my parents, we’d definitely not be taking ferries across oceans and several long haul train rides through Scottish wilderness.  That is all something I just shouldn’t take for granted, and I’m trying not too I swear. I’m excited for this I really am but I just can’t help thinking about going home, having mum’s Christmas dinner, watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and just being around everyone. Next year I will be there. For sure. If there’s one thing I make sure I do next year it is that I will be with my parents, I don’t care where I am right before Christmas, I will be with them that day. And hopefully there will be snow, apparently Kingston doesn’t really have any snowfall and hasn’t had any for quite some time.

This year has gone by so quickly, and like the rest of the world, for me it started out pretty good, well ish, and ended kind of grim, for lack of a better word. There’s been some wonderful moments and most of them out shine the not-so-great ones, but there’s sill that lingering feeling that 2016 has kind of been known for. It’s just a general feeling of meh. Things definitely haven’t worked out for me this year, but it hasn’t been all bad. I am still trying to find the good things, no matter how small, that make my days just a bit more delightful. Even if that means going for spontaneous cupcake runs to Soho, or wandering around a gigantic park trying to be one with the deer, getting lost on the trails and trying so hard not to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes it’s non-avoidable, but it’s how you move past it all, right?

It wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any difficulties surrounding the good times. That wouldn’t be reality, it’d be a delusion. Some delusions are good, but only for a short burst otherwise you’ll get lost when you find yourself back in the real world.

Oh this year has been quite the feat. It’s been absolutely packed full of things, adventures, feelings, and so many memories.

Cheers, 2016.

And here’s to another year of memory making and adventure going.



P.S. Merry Christmas.


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