C’est la Vie.

Who knew November would be so busy.

If someone would have told me I’d be starting November in Paris I probably would have told them to think again. Paris was beautiful. I felt comfortable there. Even with the language barrier didn’t seem like a problem, I think a big thanks to my French teachers and my pocket handbook is in order. Paris didn’t start out great though, the combination of being yelled at over the phone by a taxi switchboard operator and getting all of my money stolen all on the first day puts a downer on things, and I know that I shouldn’t have let it overshadow the whole trip, but it did because I can’t let things go right then and there, it takes me a while and it seems I really need to learn how to deal with it. All in all Paris was swell, I didn’t fall in love with it like I know so many before me have, but maybe I will next time. There will be a next time mark my words, there’s just so much more to explore that only being there for four days just doesn’t allow. I don’t want to worry about money or when I walk around the streets or go into crowded places. I want to go back and do things I should have looked forward to without the paranoia. I want to go back and scout out locations for movies that I might never use. I want to go back with people I know properly. I want to go back and just embrace things so deeply that I’ll never forget the feeling of being in that moment. I want to go back and have someone catch me in candid moments instead of me catching everyone else. I want to have more documented photo evidence that I’ve been somewhere. I want to be able to know what falling in love with Paris is like.

Well, c’est la vie.

November was full of emotion, right from the get go. But probably the best part of November will be the fact that I was able to see family again, and even though it wasn’t for the happiest of reasons I still got to see them. We said goodbye to a phenomenal lady, a lady with such an influence on all of our lives. She was part of our family and the last of a generation, at least for me on my side of the family tree, but I am so thankful that she is at peace and in the embrace of a God she loved and devoted her life to so very much.

011 025

There’s been so much to remember.

All the memories with my family and memories about strangers, and even though it is never a happy day when Remembrance Day rolls around, it is so very necessary. Without that day we wouldn’t be able to appreciate what others gave up so that we could live in freedom with so many privileges that those who died could only dream of. It is because of them that I have the right to dream and the privilege to go after whatever I seek. For that I will be truly and utterly thankful.

Remembering is important. We remember to change, to adapt, to relive, to go back to the good times and the bad times.

Everything happens for a reason.




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